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How To Care For Our Hand-Loomed Knits?

Hand Wash

Hand wash your hand-loomed garments in a mild-soap solution in lukewarm or cool water. Squeeze out water and re-shape the garment and its edges while damp. Hang folded over a clothesline or hanger making sure weight is evenly distributed on both sides. No need to iron. Store folded.

Machine Wash

When washing your hand-loomed knitwear in a washing machine, always place knitted garments in a mesh-washing bag. This protects your garments by avoiding snags and pulling during the wash cycle. Machine wash in lukewarm water. Machine dry in low temperature. No need to iron. Store folded.

How To Care For Our Philippine Piña?

Philippine Piña is the indigenous fabric derived from the leaves of a pineapple plant. Since Piña fabric is hand-loomed by only a few artisans found in certain regions of the Philippines, it is very precious and scarce. It is considered the finest of all Philippine hand-woven fabrics.

The weaving of the piña begins by cutting the leaves of the pineapple plant. The fibers of the leaves are then pulled and finely stripped by hand. The fibers are scraped using tools made from coconut shell or pottery shards. Each strand of piña fiber is hand-scraped and hand-knotted one by one to form a continuous filament. This is then spun and hand-woven to make the piña fabric.

Hand Wash

If hand-washed, the Philippine piña will become softer. Hand wash with mild soap, such as Woolite, in lukewarm water. You can first soak the garment in a mild detergent and water solution to free up dirt or stains for about ten minutes. Rinse the garment thoroughly and then roll in a towel. Avoid twisting. Hang the piña on a non-metal surface to drip-dry under the shade. Straighten out creases while wet. Iron on medium and high heat. Should garments be embellished with beadwork, iron on the underside.

Dry Clean

To keep its original crisp appearance, the Philippine piña should be dry-cleaned. Choose a cleaner that offers non-chemical cleaning solution for delicate fabrics like silk piña.